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Original Derivatives

The Original Derivatives
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Mission One:

Mission One (Dictator Mix) mp3 [128 Kbps, 3.07 MB]
(Bush quotes, headlines, commentary, w/
Industrial dance/Prog Rock/Funky music.)
  George Bush's own words, the deception about WMD in Iraq, and the facts of what happened in Abu Ghraib, speak for themselves. With all the recent resignations in Bush's Cabinet, it is clear to many that Bush is increasingly politicizing beurocracies that were intended to be more resistant to the whims and pressures of politicians. With all the controversy and erosion of civil liberties and reckless war adventures of Bush's first term, this is foreboding. Whatever voices of disagreement or relative moderation that may have existed in the White House in the first Bush administration, they are left out in the cold, now.
  That Bush recommended Alberto Gonzales to replace John Ashcroft as Attorney General, is particularly alarming. It is important that our voices be heard on this. Gonzales set the legal groundwork for bypassing the Geneva conventions in the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. He is directly responsible for helping to set the stage for torture at Abu Ghraib and at Guantanamo. He prepared for the legal defense/excuse for torture, in advance. He has no business being Attorney General. He worked to bypass due process and the rule of law, as White House Council. He can not be trusted at all in the "Justice" Department. We need to have more accountability, to prevent police abuses at home, and to prevent CIA, MI, and Pentagon abuses abroad. Anyone who knows of these facts, and who continues to support the Bush Administration, has lost any claim to be the voice of morality. They need to be reminded of the facts, and challenged, if they continue to rationalize or excuse such depravity and absurdity.
  When supporters of Bush complain about the moral decay of our culture, moral relativism, homosexuality, and then they minimize the torture that occurred at Abu Ghraib by US troops/agents, then IT IS THE BUSH SUPPORTERS who are the radically depraved moral relativists and hypocrites, and it is about time that this be pointed out to them. Our country's moral fiber (and the scope of our political freedom) is in more danger through the minimizations and rationalizations of torture and other human/civil rights abuses, by the Bush Administration and its supporters, than by anything else. Concerns about constitutional principle, civil and human rights, are too often disregarded, sidestepped, mocked, or cause for vitriolic attack. The scapegoating of liberals, democrats, Arabs, homosexuals, civil libertarians, etc., is harmful to our country, and it needs to be challenged. It needs to stop. Any of us can be a real patriot by standing up and voicing our dissent, by supporting those who are put down, and by reminding people of the political and personal values that can keep our country free.

Get the Word Out

If you like Mission One (Dictator Mix), for musical or political reasons, or both, please contact your local or college radio station, and tell them about it, request my song, send them to this webpage. Bring it to your favorite DJ's at raves or dance clubs, send a link to political sites that oppose Bush... let's get the word out. Dissent is very important, it can keep freedom alive.


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